Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. BOOKING: What destinations do you fly to?

    We currently fly to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airpport, Abuja (ABV) and Portharcourt International Airport, Portharcourt (PHC).

  • 2. BOOKING: How can one book a ticket on your flight?

    Tickets may be booked at any of our offices CONTACT US or online at, or through accredited travel agencies.

  • 3. BOOKING: I can't book a flight on my phone, why is that so?

    This should no longer be a problem. Open the browser on your phone and enter and you should be routed to the mobile site.

  • 4. BOOKING: How do I pay for my ticket?

    Tickets booked online may be paid for on the company website at, or at the bank (BOOK ON HOLD), or at any of our offices (BOOK ON HOLD) CONTACT US

  • 5. BOOKING: What is book on hold?

    Book on hold is a special booking process that allows you to book for a ticket online and pay for it later. As soon as the booking is done you will automatically be given a time limit which is dependent on your day of travel and the time of booking. Payment should be done within this time limit, otherwise the booking will cancel automatically.

  • 6. BOOKING: What banks can one pay for your tickets at?

    Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Ecobank, Fidelity Bank, Sterling Bank, Union Bank, Unity Bank

  • 7. BOOKING: Can I change my flight date, route, or time?

    Modification of tickets is affected by the individual ticket's restriction. You can call 01-453262001-4532620, 01-453262101-4532621. Please note that these changes may attract penalty fees.

  • 8. BOOKING: What is the process for getting a refund on an unused ticket?

    Refunds are processed at the head office, and takes fourteen (14) days to process. A refund applies only if the ticket is refundable.

  • 9. BOOKING: What are your fares to the destinations you fly?

    You can view all fares through our booking engine on the homepage, or by clicking on 'Book a Flight', Select the departure and destination cities, choose a date and click 'Next. This takes you to the destination and fares available.

  • 10. BOOKING: What do I do if I lose my ticket?

    Our tickets are E-tickets, which means that your itinerary is captured on our system and can be accessed by any of our ticketing agents at all of our offices. All you have to do is give the agent your name and you will be issued a new ticket.

  • 11. CHECK-IN: When do I have to check-in for my flight?

    We operate a 24-hour check-in system where you can check-in for your flight from 24 hours before the flight up till 30minutes before departure.

  • 12. CHECK-IN: Can I check-in for my flight online?

    Currently, that service is not enabled on our website. You can only check in at the airport at any of our check-in counters

  • 13. CHECK-IN: What is my checked-in baggage allowance?

    Checked in bags are allowed at 30kg for Business Class passengers, and 20kg for Economy Class passengers. In addition to the checked-in bags, a carry-on bag of no more than 6kg is allowed for all passengers in the cabin. Infants are allowed 10kg (which they are advised to check-in).

  • 14. CHECK-IN: What happens if my baggage is in excess of the allowed weight?

    You will be required to pay an extra charge per kilogram for excess baggage. The amount will be communicated to you by the check-in agent and a receipt issued to you for excess baggage payment made.

  • 15. CHECK-IN: What do I do in the event of missing or damaged baggage?

    If bags are determined missing do alert any of the customer service agent/airline reps. For damaged bags, kindly call the attention of any of the airline rep present for proper processing. This cannot be done after the day of arrival.

  • 16. ONBOARD: Can I use my mobile phone on board?

    Yes, you may use your mobile phones when you get on board, but they must be completely switched off (not flight mode) when the aircraft door is shut for departure and the crew announces for you to do so. Laptops and tablets may be used in-flight during cruise, but must be turned off for take-off and landing.